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I have finally finished, 'SEEKING DEEPER STREWTHS' - a new e-pub comprising 70 drawings.

'The New Shorter Oxford English Dictionary', defines:
'strewth stru:/θ/ n. colloq. Also 'struth, str-. L19. [Abbrev.] God's truth!: an oath.

The wonderful, 'Cassell's Dictionary of Slang':
'strewth!/'struth'! excl. [late 19C+] a mild euph. oath; lit.'God's truth' (cf. 's abbr.1).

And, 'The Outback Dictionary': strewth - an Australian, or "Aussie", slang term, similar to the somewhat more popular "Crikey!" As with many words in this great idiom, it has many uses and meanings.

This is a collection of graphic art, cartoons, graphic tales (comics) and other aphorisms, from my journals of 2020. These have been digitally edited and rendered.

The work was created as a response to what was going on at the time, in the period from January to December 2020. So they are each largely coloured by the news, the UK election, Brexit and, of course, the Covid plague - and the subsequent disaster imposed upon the country by the dreadful, incompetent and kleptocratic Tories, and others complicit.

There are 6 sections:

1. Mastermind - Boris Fails to Impress.
2. Mastermind - Peter Rewrites the Record Books.
3. Worrying Political Strewths.
4. Problematic Domestic Strewths.
5. Revealing Theological Strewths.
6. Disturbing Conceptual Strewths.

One critic was heard to laugh out loud when reviewing this book. Please enjoy it or otherwise, and send me any comments you may have.


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Greetings for the New Year 2021

The [] staff and I hope that you are all safe and well. All of you have been in our thoughts during this crisis, and beyond. S, much respect / regards / love / hugs&kisses / a good elbow, (as appropriate, of course) to you and your best 'mates and 'cobbers. As Marx said: "To each according to their needs; from each according to their hard work in the factory".

Some new work is coming soon - see: NEWS JANUARY 2021, so stand by.

NEWS 5 JUNE 2020

Diary Notes from 5 MAY 2020

The Doctors decided that the pump needed to be reconditioned, but during the process something went wrong and a big shot of morphine was needed and administered. The problem was that the Junior Doctor had not fitted the cannula correctly so the morphine just dribbled out - so the 'victim' remained in terrifying and excruciating pain. A second shot of morphine was ordered but unknown to the surrounding surgeons, consultants and nurses it again failed to pass the faulty cannula. Jennifer said that morphine was her favourite drug and it was such a pity that the 'victim' had missed out on it. The 'victim' survived.

I therefore decided that a 'review of life' might be useful at this stage. It is titled 'PORTRAITS - LET'S FACE IT' - life, death, being and nothingness, the usual. Please click on the above cover to access this shocking book directly - enjoy, or mock even, make notes and comments and pass them on.