This is a new - collection of previously published poems and prose - literary masterpieces, no less. Being compiled from past journals. Ongoing.


The Election.  

    Your Duplicity
    My Jokes

    Your Corruption
    My Amusement

    Your Pomposity
    My Exasperation

    Your Arrogance
    My Pain

    Your Face
    My Arse

    Len Breen (2008)


    I exist no longer
    I existed once
    Upon a time
    No more of me
    But these words
    Perhaps the worms
    Who feste upon me
    I have escaped hell
    You know
    Existing no longer

    But not you
    Not yet exited
    So you gaze
    Upon the wreckage
    Ponder the slaughter
    Address the corpses
    And you exist
    I have gone
    So you own hell itself
    You know
    Your hell not mine
    I exist no longer

    Len Breen (2009)

An Archaeology.  

    I don't know who to tell.
    Can't find anyone to notify.
    A cryptic symbol, or code, that
    reveals first clues, then richer
    indications of a former civilization
    that existed here, in this place,
    sometime ago, or recently.

    I cannot do anything
    but compound the mystery.
    With every line,
    word, pattern, field, raving scrawl,
    I just dig a deeper mountain.
    A long lost culture, once a sovereign
    state of just one.

    The archaeology of my mind, I dig.
    Set out the baulks, record the finds,
    translate the evidence, affirm the
    existence of the tribe - once mine.

    Write a paper, publish the proof.
    I exist - or no, existed - the secret
    codes, the baffling cryptograms -
    but evidence? Affirmation?

    Len Breen (2009)